Skydiving Tandeem

Skydiving Tandem

The first time you are thinking about going skydiving, you might not pretty sure about what to expect. There are some tips and answers for you frequently asked about skydiving, however, sometimes you do not want to hear from a certain company. Therefore, there is some advice from people just like you now and had been made their first jump as well. There are many things that you should understand about Skydiving Tandem before you booked your first jump.

Start to book your tandem skydive

The first time to make your tandem skydive is to book it first. You can choose one among so many skydiving centers which are also known as the drop zone that you should feel comfortable and trust with. The best way to judge their trustworthiness is to find out whether the drop zone had been accredited USPA. It means that this is a  member of US Parachute Association – this is an organization for skydiving in the US. Then USPA also arranges the guidelines and regulations in order to keep the skydivers safe. Of course, you have to check the drop zone before your schedule to jump. You can call them anytime to talk with their team first. It will give you a good description of the types of service that you will get. Or you can check their reviews first on many online platforms.

What makes tandem skydiving safe for you?

Tandem Skydiving is the most popular way to experience your first-time jump. All of the USPA members followed the regulations and guidelines designed in order to make you safe as much as possible. This is including of jumping with the two parachutes all of the times, the first and backup parachute.

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They are also using the AAD or automatic activation devices in order to ensure that your parachutes always being open even you are in a rare situation where they unable to operate it manually. According to the USPA, tandem skydiving  has the biggest safety record from all of the skydiving disciplines as well.

Is your first tandem skydiving scary?

This is one of the most questions that you will ask about tandem skydiving. You can easily tell that this is not scary at all and you do not have to be scary. The fact is, although tandem skydiving is very safe, it still jump from the aircraft and you will be in the top of a small minority if you do not get that in your heart as you prepare to jump off. However, this is very fun and you try skydive because you love to get an adrenaline rush. And there is no simply anything like first time feeling. Sometimes, you see the tandem skydivers look frightening in the door, but it will be replaced with the with the elation as you will experience free fall for your first time.

One the day in your skydive

When you already booked, you will be provided by date and time for your first jump. This is a recommended time and you have to stick with it. Firstly, you will complete the short training sessions and getting ready before you go. The brief of tandem skydiving is a short lesson which been designed for you to get an overview of the equipment and told you how you should stick with your instructor. You will also learn about the body position that you have to do for the exit and during freefall, even you also learn about how to lift up your foot when you land. Skydiving Tandem can be your best option if this is your first-time jump.