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Skydiving in Jakarta

Do you ever imagine what;’s like jumping from the plane with a height of thousand kilometers? Of course, this thing will never make you relax. Of course, what you think is you will jump to the ground immediately. However, if you try skydiving or parachuting, being surrender and hope to arrive in the ground soon is a fault. Because, why do we shiver in the air if we hope is to get back soon. The biggest obstacle in skydiving is closing your eyes. Because of the essence of extreme sports us fight your fear. Skydiving itself has the privilege of giving as an offer to this planet from above. So, if you step outside the plane in the state of not enjoying yourself, then the magical impression will lose which been offered by this extreme sport. Skydiving in Jakarta will combine you with urban and natural scenery that you can find in this place. If you are first-timer, then you have to pay attention several things before you go.

Pay attention with the weight and age

At least, you should be aged 18 years old because this age was considered become the most sufficiently mature age. In this age, you are able to differentiate whether you want skydiving just for fun or because of peer pressure. You should not feel pressure because you do not want to be considered of being timid by your friends. Your weight should be considered as well. Usually, the skydiver company will not let you try skydiving if you weigh more than 125 kg. Because, if you are too heavy, then the parachute will be harder to fly in the air. Your body might get irritation because the parachute was narrow when used.

You should in the best condition

This is always better to check your health before you doing skydiving to find out if your condition is fine. Usually, if your body getting weakens or having any heart problem, you will not be allowed to participate in skydiving, so you should not endanger yourself. Even though your body condition is healthy, but a day before your scheduled to jump, ensure that you have enough sleep, exercise, eating healthy food to make your body in the best condition

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Do not forget to have breakfast before skydiving so that your body is not weak or even loses concentration.

Wearing a comfortable outfit

Ensure that you do not wear tight or loose clothes because it will limit your movements. Do not forget to wear your running shoes in the right size and tighten the shoelaces so that your shoes do not fell off when you skydiving. Well. This is better if you do not use any excess accessories or jewelry. If you have blurry vision, then do not forget to wear your glasses or contact lenses so that your vision remains clear. Usually, the skydiving providers will provide you with special glass for skydiving.

You should be accompanied by the instructor

As a beginner, you should not be alone without being accompanied by an instructor because you do not have any experience. When accompanied by an instructor, you will feel calmer during skydiving. Before you jump, the instructor will give a short briefing about all of the important things for your first jump. Listen carefully to what instructor say and you have to avoid the risk.

Feel free when you are in the air

The skydiving only takes a few minutes. However, this is also depending on the weight that you choose. During that time, you have to relax and not stress. Just enjoy it when you are in the air and witnessing the scenery below. Skydiving in Jakarta can be your reference.