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Skydiving in Indonesia

You might be heard a lot about this extreme sport. However, Indonesia actually has several skydiving spots that invite international skydivers. For you adrenaline boosters, then you might be heard about skydiving. Skydiving is one types of extreme spots which involved a thousand feet by using parachutes. This sport also drains your adrenaline and also has a risk of a parachute that does not open, causing you might be blown in the ground in the high speed. Skydiving was done by jumping from the aircraft. However, skydiving is more suitable for junkie adrenaline. This is because you will jump as you do not have any security. In the sufficient height, then you are able to open your parachute and slow down your diving speed. In Indonesia, there are some areas which often used as the skydiving spots. Skydiving in Indonesia can be your best destination as well.

Megamas in Manado

It was located on the outskirt of Bunaken Marine Park, you will get the ocean view that makes you hypnotized to gape. The natural scenery in this place is super really beautiful. The calm seas around Bunaken, the towering hills are an attraction for adventures to do skydiving in this spot. You are also able to see the city view, so when you visiting Bunaken, do not forget to try skydiving as well. There are many great things that you can try here.

Setoko Island in Batam

The green scenery of the forest and bluish sea will be presented from the sky and you can view this beautiful scenery in Setoko Island. This is one of the tops for skydiving areas in Indonesia, you will be given with a thrilling sensation mixed with the amazement at the natural beauty of Indonesia. Setoko Island is also often used to train military personnel in parachuting.

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Nusawiru in West Java

Coastal is the favorite spot for skydiving. In Nusawiru, you are able to enjoy the beauty of the shoreline completed with the blue sea and green scenery when you skydiving in this place. It was said that the scenery here is very beautiful. No wonder that there are so many foreign adventurers come to this spot to try skydiving. There are many things that you have to do here,

Bromo Mountain in East Java

This place might not a popular area for skydiving, Mount Bromo is very popular with off road or trail adventure. However, there are often several skydiving teams who try to make Mount Bromo as their drop zone. The beautiful scenery presented look so unique and amazing compared when you see it on the ground. Not only the catter, on the height, but you can also see the vast expanse of desert to connect with green hills and mountains around Bromo.

Lido Lake

This skydiving spot had been classified as a professional location and very popular among skydivers. The Lido Lake has been a favorite among skydivers in both locally and internationally as well. What makes the skydivers live this place its breathtaking view of the volcano and lake as well. In addition, the weather just perfect for this activity. The locals are so friendly and the professional help will so helpful as well. In Indonesia., skydiving is the combination of urban and natural life. Why? This is because once you dropped off the aircraft, then you will see the natural beauty that you can only see from the height. Mountains, a vast expanse of clouds and mountains give you with the best points if you parachuting in this country. So, you can choose your best drop zone if you want to get Skydiving in Indonesia.