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Skydiving Cost

Do you eager to get tandem skydive so that makes you want to do it again? This is very common for those who want to get an experience like a rush of the free fall more and more. However, skydiving does not stop in the tandem jumps. In fact, there are many people who decide to take AFF (accelerated freefall) course, so they are able to go to become a licensed skydivers as well. It means that you are able to jump solo in so many different drop zones around the world. It sounds great, but there are many things that you have to consider, even it has nothing to do with your courage as well. Of course, Skydiving Cost so varies, you can check them first through their official sites.

What is your reason?

Do you learn to fly just pretend to be cool? Well, this is also a valid excuse as well. But think it seriously, you have to consider your reasons before you try to skydive. You might want to become a skydiver because your best friend or one of you just want to get out of a job that they have. Or might be, you just want becoming a part of the close-knit communities. Just like other sports, skydiving also needs a commitment and encourage if you want to step forward. Of course, you are able to get a license and do more jumps in a month or even a year, however, you will not learn a great deal. If you watch the skydiving videos which they are just so impressive, keep in mind that skill level will need hundreds of jumps along with a commitment to be achieved. This needs more than just encourage, and if you need to be a professional skydiver, then it takes your time, commitment, money, and clear mindset.

The head-space inside you

This is true that extreme sport is so good for your mental health but when you learn, then you should have a clear head as well. If you experience the hard times like relationship or some work dramas, then this is not your best time to do skydiving.

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The best time to do skydiving is when you are able to be fully dedicated your head space for many challenges ahead that you will face. Skydiving is mentally along with physically demanding sport in the best form.

Choose your training methods.

AFF – the Accelerated Freefall Program is one of the most practiced methods that you will find in Australia. It consists of the full day of classroom instruction. Then you will throughout 9 stages for solo skydives.

TAFF – the Tandem Assisted Free Fall course just as same as with AFF. However, the first three stages were done together with your instructor. The benefit of this course is the need of only 1 instructor, so this is a good choice for smaller drop zones and the cost might be less for the students.

SFF – this is The Solo Free Fail where you come out of the place by yourself and your parachute should be opened immediately, usually, this is a static line which is connected in the insider of the place and the pin that will hold your parachute in the container.


So, if you had got the money together, at least to do AFF then all you need is your time. How much time that you need is depending on many things, such as the distance to take from your home go to the drop, the weather and how you will take your lessons. Do not forget to consider your Skydiving Cost first.