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Sky Diving Best Place

Skydiving is must-do activities or should be included in the bucket list of travelers, thrill seekers, senior, even kids or just anyone who looking for to get extreme adventure experience. While some people might not care where they will skydive, however, others might have a desire to jump over the most beautiful place for skydiving. You should know that doing a tandem skydive is a great way where you are able to see a whole city or region in all its glory as well, you are in the air around 14,000 feet or even higher in the top of earth that allows you to get so different perspective, not to mention some stunning shots that you might ever see in social media. Therefore, if you want to do a spectacular jump, then there are some recommendations for Sky Diving Best Place.

Rottnest Island in Australia

You can see the playground in Perth from the height and allow you to see how beautiful the Indian Ocean as the hidden gem. Skydive Geronimo is the only company that offers you to get the jump over the Rottnest Island, Western Australia. Of course, you are able to choose your heights between 8,000 feet up to 15,000 feet from the airplane or you just choose from a luxury helicopter. After you land on the perfect white sand shore, then ensure that you take pictures with quokkas and say cheese.

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates

This is where so many celebrities do their skydives and this is not surprising as well.

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You should know that the visuals over the Palm were so breathtaking. For the price, the exchange rate would be so varied and jump off with the tandem skydive come from around 13.000 feet where you might be able to share your experience with the beautiful and rich people fo Hollywood or even beyond.

Frans Josef Glacier in New Zealand

It can be your most beautiful jump that you ever do, it was said by Lonely Planet related to skydive in the top of Frans Josef Glacier with the Franz team. Placed the claim to the highest skydive in New Zealand around 19,000 feet with an amazing 75 seconds of free-fall. You do not only get rush in your life, but you can also get the incredible view from the Southern Alps as well. There are so many things that you will get here and do not forget to arrange your schedule first.

Whistler in Canada

When the snow starts to go and the skies start to shine better, than the best way to experience Whistler is by jumping off from the plan. On your jump, then you are able to see the views of the Canadian Rockies which stretch for days. If you travel to Canada between May to September, then this is the best choice for a skydive in beautiful Canadian.

Grand Canyon in the USA

There are so many hiking activities around the perimeter and taking selfies from the lookout – then this is can be your best chance to bring your adventure into the new heights as well. Doing skydive in one of the most famous landscapes in the US is the best choice for the tourist and even locals who visit Grand Canyon. This is also another way that you can choose to make your best experience here.

Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland

If you asked to mention the most beautiful place in Europe for skydiving, then it is a high chance if Switzerland will across on your mind. The Lauterbrunnen Valles was chosen by so many extreme sports enthusiasms that you will get an amazing skydive in the middle of snow panoramic. This is one Sky Diving Best Place.