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Sky Diving Bali Price

Skydiving is the activity that you have to add to your bucket list. However, before you enter the beautiful skydiving world, then you have to understand that jumping from the aircraft perfectly should not be a once lifetime thrill. Many people think that skydiving just needs one jump. They might not realize that this is a sport which people do it every week as a lifestyle and hobby. Advanced jumpers might compete in any skydiving competitions. You might need to check Sky Diving Bali Price first before you start to book your schedule.

Anyone is allowed to try skydiving ‘

If you are a human and aged over 18 years old? Then you were qualified to try skydiving. There are some exceptions of course, such as pregnant woman and people who have heart problem should be on the ground and drop zones need certain weight restrictions. Your occupation, age, height or any other factors will never hold you back. There is a way for those who were paralyzed, such as disabled or even people who lost limbs, only with more special precautions and some adjustments to the equipment. Basically, you do not need much reason not to try skydiving.

You are able to choose a jump using a parachute or even not

Well, this is not highly extreme as you think. The beginners can learn and choose among two types of skydiving, they are tandem free fall or freefall AF. If you choose AFF jump, then you have to open parachute by yourself and landing by yourself as well. However, even before you can open your parachute. Then you have to finish the grand course which can last for some hours as well. When you are in the air, there are two instructors will hold your gears to give some instructions and help your stability before you apply it.

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Most of the first-timers will choose tandem, where you will be strapped with your instructor who will open your parachute and land for both of you. There is no extensive course or physical preparation before you try it. All you need to do is enjoying the view, so technically you actually jumping without wearing a parachute. You only attached to your instructor.

Your chances of getting hurt are pretty low

You might hear about creepy stories of parachutes not opening – this is something that makes most people do not consider the skydiving, however, they rarely know the stats behind these numbers. You should know that each skydiver has two parachutes, if the first having issue, then there is a backup and skydivers will go through some training to learn how to handle the emergency procedure. Almost 99%, the skydiving accidents caused by human error where the skydiver might do something wrong. In addition, a tandem instructor has passed the extensive training and many certification programs to give you the best and safest trip in your live. Therefore this information can help you to beat off your fear of flying.

You need a bit of investment

You should know that the price can be so varied between the drop zones, however, the tandem skydives might be slightly lower than AFF jumps, along with additional costs for video and photo packages as well. There are some drop zones which offered you with the cheaper rates on early morning jumps and weekdays, even for military personnel or groups. The bigger members of the group, you will get a bigger discount. You have to arrange your jump schedule first before you can jump. IT will cost less than you have to pay the full price on that day. Check Sky Diving Bal Price first.