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Training Skydiving

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Training Skydiving

Skydiving is a very great sport and you have to jump out of an airplane to get the picture fun. You can face your fears and fly high above the ground and you can enjoy the view that many people cannot enjoy it. Plus, this is a very great community to become a part of combinations of adventure, fun-loving, free-spirited from all of the different backgrounds which been united in this unique sport. Skydiving is something different and gives you to get the spirit of adventure in order to get a more interesting life and there are many things that you can explore between all of destinations and disciplines. In some points, you want to start if you do not sure where you have to go for Training Skydiving. However, you should know that there are so many schools levels, instructors, methods, prices and other factors that you have to consider.

Firstly, you have to choose a good skydiving school

While cheap and close to you will be the main factor, keep in mind that it is nothing more important than your safety first. You can choose professional skydiving school along with a good reputation which been in this business industry and has good reviews online. The bigger skydiving center prefers having more instructors available, the better selection for rental geats and there are some airplanes that allow you to get a shorter waiting period. How do you know which one is the larger school?

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The number of airplanes and reviews can be good indicators. If you have a deadline for your skydiving course, then you can choose a school that offers you with open 7 days during a week, being a new student, you will only be allowed to jump in perfect weather, so you have to be flexible on weekdays and let you get progress faster.

Choose your training method

You should know that the most advanced training program that you can choose is AFF or Accelerated Freefall. You are able to use a streamlined version of AFF program which been called as AFP or Advanced Freefall Progression that still complete all of the requirements which been established by USPA and you will be offered with the easier introduction in this sport.

Your first time should be the tandem skydive

A tandem skydive is a smoothest and easiest way for the introduction where an instructor will use the parachute and the student’s ability will be stuck out to the instructor. You can consider as the low-stress training environment and you can stay focus on your learning while the instructor will get your back. You have to finish 3 tandem skydives and this is not the same jump which can be repeated in three times. You should know that each jump will have a separate training session and your goals are complete it to train new skills. Between your second and third jump, then you have to follow the course training for 6 hours, there is no take a rest for this one. This course will tell you about anything that you have to know to open, fly and how to land your parachute in the safest way. There are many things that you have to consider as well.

After you’ve got the three tandems and land training, then this is your time to wear your own gear. The drop zone will provide you with rental gears. An instructor will be on your side every time and you can hold on in your free fall, training, and stability. For each jump, your instructor will give a brief and some advice after landing. You have to make around 7 to 8 jumps with your instructor. You can choose Training Skydiving based on your preference.

Skydiving Tandeem

Skydiving Tandeem

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Skydiving Tandem

The first time you are thinking about going skydiving, you might not pretty sure about what to expect. There are some tips and answers for you frequently asked about skydiving, however, sometimes you do not want to hear from a certain company. Therefore, there is some advice from people just like you now and had been made their first jump as well. There are many things that you should understand about Skydiving Tandem before you booked your first jump.

Start to book your tandem skydive

The first time to make your tandem skydive is to book it first. You can choose one among so many skydiving centers which are also known as the drop zone that you should feel comfortable and trust with. The best way to judge their trustworthiness is to find out whether the drop zone had been accredited USPA. It means that this is a  member of US Parachute Association – this is an organization for skydiving in the US. Then USPA also arranges the guidelines and regulations in order to keep the skydivers safe. Of course, you have to check the drop zone before your schedule to jump. You can call them anytime to talk with their team first. It will give you a good description of the types of service that you will get. Or you can check their reviews first on many online platforms.

What makes tandem skydiving safe for you?

Tandem Skydiving is the most popular way to experience your first-time jump. All of the USPA members followed the regulations and guidelines designed in order to make you safe as much as possible. This is including of jumping with the two parachutes all of the times, the first and backup parachute.

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They are also using the AAD or automatic activation devices in order to ensure that your parachutes always being open even you are in a rare situation where they unable to operate it manually. According to the USPA, tandem skydiving  has the biggest safety record from all of the skydiving disciplines as well.

Is your first tandem skydiving scary?

This is one of the most questions that you will ask about tandem skydiving. You can easily tell that this is not scary at all and you do not have to be scary. The fact is, although tandem skydiving is very safe, it still jump from the aircraft and you will be in the top of a small minority if you do not get that in your heart as you prepare to jump off. However, this is very fun and you try skydive because you love to get an adrenaline rush. And there is no simply anything like first time feeling. Sometimes, you see the tandem skydivers look frightening in the door, but it will be replaced with the with the elation as you will experience free fall for your first time.

One the day in your skydive

When you already booked, you will be provided by date and time for your first jump. This is a recommended time and you have to stick with it. Firstly, you will complete the short training sessions and getting ready before you go. The brief of tandem skydiving is a short lesson which been designed for you to get an overview of the equipment and told you how you should stick with your instructor. You will also learn about the body position that you have to do for the exit and during freefall, even you also learn about how to lift up your foot when you land. Skydiving Tandem can be your best option if this is your first-time jump.

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Skydiving in Jakarta

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Skydiving in Jakarta

Do you ever imagine what;’s like jumping from the plane with a height of thousand kilometers? Of course, this thing will never make you relax. Of course, what you think is you will jump to the ground immediately. However, if you try skydiving or parachuting, being surrender and hope to arrive in the ground soon is a fault. Because, why do we shiver in the air if we hope is to get back soon. The biggest obstacle in skydiving is closing your eyes. Because of the essence of extreme sports us fight your fear. Skydiving itself has the privilege of giving as an offer to this planet from above. So, if you step outside the plane in the state of not enjoying yourself, then the magical impression will lose which been offered by this extreme sport. Skydiving in Jakarta will combine you with urban and natural scenery that you can find in this place. If you are first-timer, then you have to pay attention several things before you go.

Pay attention with the weight and age

At least, you should be aged 18 years old because this age was considered become the most sufficiently mature age. In this age, you are able to differentiate whether you want skydiving just for fun or because of peer pressure. You should not feel pressure because you do not want to be considered of being timid by your friends. Your weight should be considered as well. Usually, the skydiver company will not let you try skydiving if you weigh more than 125 kg. Because, if you are too heavy, then the parachute will be harder to fly in the air. Your body might get irritation because the parachute was narrow when used.

You should in the best condition

This is always better to check your health before you doing skydiving to find out if your condition is fine. Usually, if your body getting weakens or having any heart problem, you will not be allowed to participate in skydiving, so you should not endanger yourself. Even though your body condition is healthy, but a day before your scheduled to jump, ensure that you have enough sleep, exercise, eating healthy food to make your body in the best condition

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Do not forget to have breakfast before skydiving so that your body is not weak or even loses concentration.

Wearing a comfortable outfit

Ensure that you do not wear tight or loose clothes because it will limit your movements. Do not forget to wear your running shoes in the right size and tighten the shoelaces so that your shoes do not fell off when you skydiving. Well. This is better if you do not use any excess accessories or jewelry. If you have blurry vision, then do not forget to wear your glasses or contact lenses so that your vision remains clear. Usually, the skydiving providers will provide you with special glass for skydiving.

You should be accompanied by the instructor

As a beginner, you should not be alone without being accompanied by an instructor because you do not have any experience. When accompanied by an instructor, you will feel calmer during skydiving. Before you jump, the instructor will give a short briefing about all of the important things for your first jump. Listen carefully to what instructor say and you have to avoid the risk.

Feel free when you are in the air

The skydiving only takes a few minutes. However, this is also depending on the weight that you choose. During that time, you have to relax and not stress. Just enjoy it when you are in the air and witnessing the scenery below. Skydiving in Jakarta can be your reference.

0812 9393 9797, Skydiving in Indonesia

Skydiving in Indonesia

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Skydiving in Indonesia

You might be heard a lot about this extreme sport. However, Indonesia actually has several skydiving spots that invite international skydivers. For you adrenaline boosters, then you might be heard about skydiving. Skydiving is one types of extreme spots which involved a thousand feet by using parachutes. This sport also drains your adrenaline and also has a risk of a parachute that does not open, causing you might be blown in the ground in the high speed. Skydiving was done by jumping from the aircraft. However, skydiving is more suitable for junkie adrenaline. This is because you will jump as you do not have any security. In the sufficient height, then you are able to open your parachute and slow down your diving speed. In Indonesia, there are some areas which often used as the skydiving spots. Skydiving in Indonesia can be your best destination as well.

Megamas in Manado

It was located on the outskirt of Bunaken Marine Park, you will get the ocean view that makes you hypnotized to gape. The natural scenery in this place is super really beautiful. The calm seas around Bunaken, the towering hills are an attraction for adventures to do skydiving in this spot. You are also able to see the city view, so when you visiting Bunaken, do not forget to try skydiving as well. There are many great things that you can try here.

Setoko Island in Batam

The green scenery of the forest and bluish sea will be presented from the sky and you can view this beautiful scenery in Setoko Island. This is one of the tops for skydiving areas in Indonesia, you will be given with a thrilling sensation mixed with the amazement at the natural beauty of Indonesia. Setoko Island is also often used to train military personnel in parachuting.

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Nusawiru in West Java

Coastal is the favorite spot for skydiving. In Nusawiru, you are able to enjoy the beauty of the shoreline completed with the blue sea and green scenery when you skydiving in this place. It was said that the scenery here is very beautiful. No wonder that there are so many foreign adventurers come to this spot to try skydiving. There are many things that you have to do here,

Bromo Mountain in East Java

This place might not a popular area for skydiving, Mount Bromo is very popular with off road or trail adventure. However, there are often several skydiving teams who try to make Mount Bromo as their drop zone. The beautiful scenery presented look so unique and amazing compared when you see it on the ground. Not only the catter, on the height, but you can also see the vast expanse of desert to connect with green hills and mountains around Bromo.

Lido Lake

This skydiving spot had been classified as a professional location and very popular among skydivers. The Lido Lake has been a favorite among skydivers in both locally and internationally as well. What makes the skydivers live this place its breathtaking view of the volcano and lake as well. In addition, the weather just perfect for this activity. The locals are so friendly and the professional help will so helpful as well. In Indonesia., skydiving is the combination of urban and natural life. Why? This is because once you dropped off the aircraft, then you will see the natural beauty that you can only see from the height. Mountains, a vast expanse of clouds and mountains give you with the best points if you parachuting in this country. So, you can choose your best drop zone if you want to get Skydiving in Indonesia.

0812 9393 9797, Skydiving in Bali

Skydiving in Bali

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Skydiving in Bali

If you are a first-time skydiver, then this is can be a great adventure if a lifetime. When you are ready to take the leap and you start to hold research the best place to go, you might want to choose skydiving center that will never disappoint you. When you choose where to get the best experience of your first skydiving, like other extreme sports, you won’t lend your life in the right hands of the professional and experienced team. Therefore, there are many things that you have to check first before you go to the skydiving destination. Skydiving in Bali can be your best reference when you look for the exotic place to jump off.

The staff and instructor

you actually place your life in these people, therefore you have to ensure that they were experienced and qualified as instructors. Skydiving instructors in the US were required to be certificated by an authorized organization such as US Parachute Association and they were required to finish certain training and currency requirements in each year in order to maintain their ratings. Their drop zone along with the strict safety policies to ensure that each qualification had been upgraded and only hire experienced and reliable skydivers. This is very great to ask your instructor about their experience level and of course for your convenience as well.

The Aircraft

When you looking for the best place to try skydiving, many people often neglect the importance of a good aircraft for their safety. This is also same with gear, you want the airplane should be comfortable, reliable and well maintained. This is the most expensive part of the skydiving operation. Along with Groupon and other agreements that pushed skydiving operation to maintain their prices low, however nit every dropzone can purchase large, spacious and fast airplanes.

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Most of the small skydiving centers can operate small aircraft and it might take around 20 minutes to bring you to 10,000. To go higher, the faster and the more spaces, there are several drop zones to use the turbine aircraft that make your jump feel more comfortable.

Skydiving Gear

The equipment of skydiving is an essential thing for a better skydive, however, this is slightly harder for another side to judge. The student gear maintenance was regulated by the USPA, FAA, and USPA should be in a share of inspecting, packing and maintaining all of the tandem gears. You can use this information as your consideration.

Quality of video and photo

When you get your lifetime adventure was documented,  of course, you want your videos of photos in a good quality and easier to share with your family and friend as well. There are two common ways which dropzones and offer you with video or photo skydiving. The Handycam method is more affordable, however, it might not the best quality. The video might be shaken or filmed you with a too close angle and tour instructor’s face might appear on your screen often. Or even they just fix only one angle without a show you with the amazing adventure.

Facilities that they offered

Among all of the check-in procedures and training, and there is some waiting time which is always included during the high season. You will spend your most of the day at the drop zone. So why don’t you choose a comfortable place and offer you with necessary facilities? The skydiving operation was always placed in small airports, however, the facilities can so vary from one to another. You look at what things that you have to get and you can consider Skydiving in Bali as your best reference. However, you should consider many things before.

0812 9393 9797, Skydiving Fee

Skydiving Fee

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Skydiving Fee

Your heart will be beating so fast and your mind is racing along with the one thought that goes through inside your heads. Your palms will sweat, your vision tunnels and anything that you can hear is the loud sound from the propellers with the small sound inside your head as you crawl towards the plane door as well. Then, only in one graceful movement, you will fall from 13,000 feet from the ground in one big leap of adrenaline, excitement, and faith as well. It might sound exciting right? There are many reasons why you have to try skydiving at least once in your lifetime. If you wonder about Skydiving Fee, the price could be so varied.

Achieve your dream of flying in the sky

Every single person has one point or just dreaming of being able to fly. Well, this is can be your great option. After you are on a thousand feet in the sky, you can jump off and free fall to the sky for around a minute. During this great time, you might feel that you quite invincible. Or you just like a superman in this unlimited moment, you truly feel like you are actually flying.

The letting go feeling

For some people, the skydiving is one of the great activities that place your life into hands which is completely stranger. This is also highly recommended if you do your research first before choosing a course to go with.

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For people who have an issue with control, experiencing the letting go feeling as you just willfully to fall. Not only this is so empowering, but also this activity is pretty good to just let it go.

Seeing an amazing view

Skydiving offers you with a perfect chance to enjoy the scenery in a more unique point of view – from the sky. You might see a very beautiful coastline in some places and each experience that you get will make you speechless as you just gazed beautiful view above you.

The feeling you just beat off your fears

There is no better feeling than being able to handle and beat off your fear. Even half of the population are afraid of skydiving, but this thing does not make you scared of doing this. Even, if you feel afraid to do it, then the better reason for you is just going up, growing some things and overcome your fear. You will feel better if you are able to accomplish it later.

You will get epic photos

There is no better way to prove your braveness than capturing your epic moments in your camera? You should be careful which is no one look great on the photos when they skydiving. If you can capture one of two good shots, then you have to say thanks for your lucky stars because most of the skydiving shoots will show you with the bursting excitement. However, it is really forgivable as you had just jumped out of the plane.

Gain more confidence

You can get your bragging rights among your family and friends by taking a big leap. Just right you collect your courage to skydive, you will instantly get the bumped into a cool list. Your nephews or nieces might choose you as their idols. Hope that these reasons will help you to convince to try one of the most exciting activities out there. Whether you are adrenaline seekers or a regular person who works in the office, skydiving is the lifetime adventure that brings you to some thrill and excitement inside your life. Of course, you can do research for Skydiving Fee first.

0812 9393 9797, Skydiving Cost

Skydiving Cost

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Skydiving Cost

Do you eager to get tandem skydive so that makes you want to do it again? This is very common for those who want to get an experience like a rush of the free fall more and more. However, skydiving does not stop in the tandem jumps. In fact, there are many people who decide to take AFF (accelerated freefall) course, so they are able to go to become a licensed skydivers as well. It means that you are able to jump solo in so many different drop zones around the world. It sounds great, but there are many things that you have to consider, even it has nothing to do with your courage as well. Of course, Skydiving Cost so varies, you can check them first through their official sites.

What is your reason?

Do you learn to fly just pretend to be cool? Well, this is also a valid excuse as well. But think it seriously, you have to consider your reasons before you try to skydive. You might want to become a skydiver because your best friend or one of you just want to get out of a job that they have. Or might be, you just want becoming a part of the close-knit communities. Just like other sports, skydiving also needs a commitment and encourage if you want to step forward. Of course, you are able to get a license and do more jumps in a month or even a year, however, you will not learn a great deal. If you watch the skydiving videos which they are just so impressive, keep in mind that skill level will need hundreds of jumps along with a commitment to be achieved. This needs more than just encourage, and if you need to be a professional skydiver, then it takes your time, commitment, money, and clear mindset.

The head-space inside you

This is true that extreme sport is so good for your mental health but when you learn, then you should have a clear head as well. If you experience the hard times like relationship or some work dramas, then this is not your best time to do skydiving.

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The best time to do skydiving is when you are able to be fully dedicated your head space for many challenges ahead that you will face. Skydiving is mentally along with physically demanding sport in the best form.

Choose your training methods.

AFF – the Accelerated Freefall Program is one of the most practiced methods that you will find in Australia. It consists of the full day of classroom instruction. Then you will throughout 9 stages for solo skydives.

TAFF – the Tandem Assisted Free Fall course just as same as with AFF. However, the first three stages were done together with your instructor. The benefit of this course is the need of only 1 instructor, so this is a good choice for smaller drop zones and the cost might be less for the students.

SFF – this is The Solo Free Fail where you come out of the place by yourself and your parachute should be opened immediately, usually, this is a static line which is connected in the insider of the place and the pin that will hold your parachute in the container.


So, if you had got the money together, at least to do AFF then all you need is your time. How much time that you need is depending on many things, such as the distance to take from your home go to the drop, the weather and how you will take your lessons. Do not forget to consider your Skydiving Cost first.

0812 9393 9797, Sky Diving Best Place

Sky Diving Best Place

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Sky Diving Best Place

Skydiving is must-do activities or should be included in the bucket list of travelers, thrill seekers, senior, even kids or just anyone who looking for to get extreme adventure experience. While some people might not care where they will skydive, however, others might have a desire to jump over the most beautiful place for skydiving. You should know that doing a tandem skydive is a great way where you are able to see a whole city or region in all its glory as well, you are in the air around 14,000 feet or even higher in the top of earth that allows you to get so different perspective, not to mention some stunning shots that you might ever see in social media. Therefore, if you want to do a spectacular jump, then there are some recommendations for Sky Diving Best Place.

Rottnest Island in Australia

You can see the playground in Perth from the height and allow you to see how beautiful the Indian Ocean as the hidden gem. Skydive Geronimo is the only company that offers you to get the jump over the Rottnest Island, Western Australia. Of course, you are able to choose your heights between 8,000 feet up to 15,000 feet from the airplane or you just choose from a luxury helicopter. After you land on the perfect white sand shore, then ensure that you take pictures with quokkas and say cheese.

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates

This is where so many celebrities do their skydives and this is not surprising as well.

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You should know that the visuals over the Palm were so breathtaking. For the price, the exchange rate would be so varied and jump off with the tandem skydive come from around 13.000 feet where you might be able to share your experience with the beautiful and rich people fo Hollywood or even beyond.

Frans Josef Glacier in New Zealand

It can be your most beautiful jump that you ever do, it was said by Lonely Planet related to skydive in the top of Frans Josef Glacier with the Franz team. Placed the claim to the highest skydive in New Zealand around 19,000 feet with an amazing 75 seconds of free-fall. You do not only get rush in your life, but you can also get the incredible view from the Southern Alps as well. There are so many things that you will get here and do not forget to arrange your schedule first.

Whistler in Canada

When the snow starts to go and the skies start to shine better, than the best way to experience Whistler is by jumping off from the plan. On your jump, then you are able to see the views of the Canadian Rockies which stretch for days. If you travel to Canada between May to September, then this is the best choice for a skydive in beautiful Canadian.

Grand Canyon in the USA

There are so many hiking activities around the perimeter and taking selfies from the lookout – then this is can be your best chance to bring your adventure into the new heights as well. Doing skydive in one of the most famous landscapes in the US is the best choice for the tourist and even locals who visit Grand Canyon. This is also another way that you can choose to make your best experience here.

Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland

If you asked to mention the most beautiful place in Europe for skydiving, then it is a high chance if Switzerland will across on your mind. The Lauterbrunnen Valles was chosen by so many extreme sports enthusiasms that you will get an amazing skydive in the middle of snow panoramic. This is one Sky Diving Best Place.

0812 9393 9797, Sky Diving Bali Price

Sky Diving Bali Price

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Sky Diving Bali Price

Skydiving is the activity that you have to add to your bucket list. However, before you enter the beautiful skydiving world, then you have to understand that jumping from the aircraft perfectly should not be a once lifetime thrill. Many people think that skydiving just needs one jump. They might not realize that this is a sport which people do it every week as a lifestyle and hobby. Advanced jumpers might compete in any skydiving competitions. You might need to check Sky Diving Bali Price first before you start to book your schedule.

Anyone is allowed to try skydiving ‘

If you are a human and aged over 18 years old? Then you were qualified to try skydiving. There are some exceptions of course, such as pregnant woman and people who have heart problem should be on the ground and drop zones need certain weight restrictions. Your occupation, age, height or any other factors will never hold you back. There is a way for those who were paralyzed, such as disabled or even people who lost limbs, only with more special precautions and some adjustments to the equipment. Basically, you do not need much reason not to try skydiving.

You are able to choose a jump using a parachute or even not

Well, this is not highly extreme as you think. The beginners can learn and choose among two types of skydiving, they are tandem free fall or freefall AF. If you choose AFF jump, then you have to open parachute by yourself and landing by yourself as well. However, even before you can open your parachute. Then you have to finish the grand course which can last for some hours as well. When you are in the air, there are two instructors will hold your gears to give some instructions and help your stability before you apply it.

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Most of the first-timers will choose tandem, where you will be strapped with your instructor who will open your parachute and land for both of you. There is no extensive course or physical preparation before you try it. All you need to do is enjoying the view, so technically you actually jumping without wearing a parachute. You only attached to your instructor.

Your chances of getting hurt are pretty low

You might hear about creepy stories of parachutes not opening – this is something that makes most people do not consider the skydiving, however, they rarely know the stats behind these numbers. You should know that each skydiver has two parachutes, if the first having issue, then there is a backup and skydivers will go through some training to learn how to handle the emergency procedure. Almost 99%, the skydiving accidents caused by human error where the skydiver might do something wrong. In addition, a tandem instructor has passed the extensive training and many certification programs to give you the best and safest trip in your live. Therefore this information can help you to beat off your fear of flying.

You need a bit of investment

You should know that the price can be so varied between the drop zones, however, the tandem skydives might be slightly lower than AFF jumps, along with additional costs for video and photo packages as well. There are some drop zones which offered you with the cheaper rates on early morning jumps and weekdays, even for military personnel or groups. The bigger members of the group, you will get a bigger discount. You have to arrange your jump schedule first before you can jump. IT will cost less than you have to pay the full price on that day. Check Sky Diving Bal Price first.

0812 9393 9797, Harga Sky Diving di Jogja

Harga Sky Diving di Jogja

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Harga Sky Diving di Jogja

Harga Sky Diving di Jogja – Apakah Anda sedang mencari olahraga dengan konsep yang dapat memacu adrenalin? Jika ia, maka Anda bisa menjadikan olahraga sky diving sebagai pilihan yang paling terbaik. Atraksi sky diving memang terbilang kedalam salah satu jenis olahraga ekstrem karena memiliki resiko yang cukup besar. Akan tetapi jika Anda mengikuti semua produser keamanan dan menjalani latihan yang cukup maka olahraga sky diving ini tidaklah berbahaya untuk Anda lakukan. Bagi Anda yang tertarik untuk merasakan sensasi terbang di udara dengan mengikuti atraksi sky diving, maka Anda bisa langsung mencoba sky divng di Jogja.

Tips Sky Diving Aman Untuk Para Pemula

Bagi Anda masih seorang pemula ada baiknya Anda mengetahui terlebih dahulu mengenai tips aman melakukan atraksi sky diving. Untuk lebih jelasnya, berikut ada beberapa tips aman sky diving bagi para pemula, yaitu:

  1. Kondisi Tubuh Dalam Keadaan Yang Sehat

Sebelum melakukan sky diving ada baiknya Anda terlebih dahulu cek kesehatan guna memastikan kondisi tubuh dalam kondisi yang fit atau baik. Hal ini sangat penting Anda pertimbangkan karena jika tubuh dalam kondisi yang lemah atau Anda mempunyai masalah gangguan jantung maka Anda tidak akan diisinkan untuk melakukan sky diving karena dapat membahayakan diri Anda sendiri.

  1. Memperhatikan Berat Badan Dan Usia

Berat badan menjadi salah satu hal yang sangat penting untuk Anda perhatikan jika hendak sky diving. Umumnya pihak yang menyelenggarakan sky diving tidak akan mengizinkan para peserta yang mempunyai berat lebih dari 125 kg. Hal ini dikarenakan dapat membuat parasut sulit untuk terbang di udara. Selain itu, jika berat badan Anda terlalu berat juga dapat memperlambat gerak turun saat di udara. Jika terlalu dipaksakan untuk terbang di udara dengan berat badan 125 kg juga akan membuat badan Anda sendiri menjadi tersiksa dan timbul iritasi karena parasutnya yang sempit saat digunakan.

Baca Juga :

Tidak hanya memperhatikan berat badan saja jika hendak aman melakukan sky diving, Anda juga harus memastikan jika Anda berusia minimalnya 18 tahun. Hal ini berguna agar Anda bisa membedakan, apakah Anda melakukan sky diving untuk bersenang-senang ataupun hanya karena tekanan dari teman sebaya karena dianggap penakut ataupun cupu oleh teman.

  1. Harus Ditemani Oleh Instruktur

Bagi Anda yang masih pemula sebaiknya jangan nekat untuk sky diving sendirian tanpa ditemani oleh para instruktur yang sudah berpengalaman. Dengan ditemani instruktur dapat membuat sky diving yang Anda lakukan tetap aman dan juga lancar. Umumnya jika Anda ditemani instruktur maka Anda akan terlebih dahulu diberi briefing mengenai segala hal yang berkaitan dengan sky diving. Nah, saat diberikan briefing ini ada baiknya Anda mendengarkannya dengan baik agar bisa terhindari dari berbagai resiko yang mungkin saja dapat terjadi.

  1. Mengenakan Pakaian Yang Nyaman

Jika hendak melakukan sky diving maka sebaiknya Anda jangan mengenakan pakaian yang terlalu longgar ataupun terlalu ketat. Hal ini dikarenakan dapat membuat pergerakkan Anda menjadi terbatas dan juga terganggu.  Selain itu,ada baiknya Anda juga menggunakan running shoes yang berukuran yang pas agar sepatu Anda tidak terlepas saat melakukan sky diving. Bagi Anda yang menyukai menggunakan aksesoris sebaiknya jika hendak melakukan sky diving Anda melepaskan dulu semua perhiasan yang Anda gunakan agar tidak terlepas saat terbang di udara.

Ulasan diatas hanya sekilas mengenai beberapa hal penting yang harus Anda perhatikan agar Anda aman melakukan atraksi sky diving. Bagi Anda yang berminat melakukan atraksi sky diving maka Anda bisa langsung mencobanya di Jogja. Jika berbicara mengenai sky diving pasti Anda langsung kepikiran mengenai biaya, karena umumnya biaya yang dibutuhkan untuk melakukan atraksi sky diving dengan aman ini memang membutuhkan dana yang tergolong besar. Meskipun begitu, kini Anda tidak perlu khawatir mengenai permasalahan harga sky diving di Jogja yang terbilang besar, asalkan Anda mengandalkan agen yang menyediakan paket sky diving di Jogja. Dengan menggunakan layanan agen maka dapat membuat Anda  bisa lebih hemat mengenai penawaran harga sky diving di Jogja.

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